Your experience with heart vitamins & supplements? CoQ10, Omega-3, Vitamin D, etc

Fellow heart patients,

Interested to hear about your experience with vitamin and supplements for the heart and the results.

I am currently taking CoQ10, and feel like it’s starting to help a bit.

I don’t have SOB as often as I used to. Been taking it for 2 months now, but just started noticing some results.

Are you taking anything? and are you seeing any results?


@Angina_Dave haven’t been taking any pills other than prescription :frowning:

Gotta try some of this stuff. What brand are you currently using?


CoQ10 is usually used to combat the negative effects of statins - cholesterol medications. I do take multi-vitamins, but I also like curcurmin…

i take magnesium and I think it has helped calm things down. I dont “feel” the hard beats and flutter as much, however issues still there