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My name is Dan. I’m one of the founders here at SonoHealth. You can read a little more about our me and our company here.

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the name is dave. purchased an ekgraph to help me monitor my arrhythmia. found this forum via the sonohealth website. looking discuss health issues with folk like myself.


Hi, I am a new customer! Found SonoHealth while searching for a non-subscription stand alone ECG device. I do have a question: I believe the EKGraph is FDA cleared. Is this the same as the PM10 or is this another device; I could not find the FDA clearance letter specifically for this device.

Thank You,


Hi Carlos!

You are corect. The FDA clreance is directly for our manufacturer. We are under their FCC and FDA id. But this device is much more than what you get from a competitor who used the same manufacturer.

We invested tens of thouasands of dollars for a better interface, built our own apps (iOS and Android) and made this device much more user friendly.


I recently got the ekg monitor. It seems to work very well. If I use a very thin layer of electrode gel between the skin and the contacts I usually get less artifact and better amplitudes. I find it interesting to see how large amounts of caffeine affect the reading. Note to self: Time to cut back on the coffee?

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my name is Shirley. I’ve purchased your device and downloaded the app. The app keeps crashing. I need help

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The time stamp on my device is not reading correct, it’s showing a date of Jan 2015. I tried resetting the device but it still is not working.

I sent an email/ticket several days ago and still have no response. I would appreciate some assistance as I need the time/date information to be accurate as the data I’m collecting is for my doctor.

Thank you!


Hello! My name is Phuong Pham. I am a MD. I just bough and install the machine today. Need check and evaluation more. The forum is the good for me to get support

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my name is fred. i am a new customer. my questions is: can the machine record more than one person’s ekgraph?

I just sent you a question about more than one user. when the message was sent the time and date were recorded as January 5, 2108 The date should have been January 5, 2020. how do I change the date. Fred (new user)

I am a new customer. Bought this on Amazon. Question…can a murmur cause a reading of Possible VPB if taken with one lead over the heart? Thanks.

my name is Fred. i am a SinoHealth customer. I waw having some heart issues and my doctor recommended i get a device i could use to check my heart function when i felt a sympton. I did some research on what device had the best reviews and SonoHealth was my favorite. so far it has performed very well. I joined the forum for information that may make my experience more rewarding.

Thanks for the timely response! I found you subsequent to a search for field operations.I’m 78y.o. W/M, 100% s c connected disabled vet( Viet Nam,1965). I am hard core American with the belief that we will prevail. I am compassionate, forgiving and understanding.28 years law enforcement, patrol and special operations. Part time 15 years E R (2300 to 0700.I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience,enjoy and survive the ups and downs of life. I’m retired now but try to keep track of the developments germane to my wellbeing.Not a radical , rather your best friend or your worst adversary.
Thank you for your patience in reading my dissertation. Will gladly help in any way I can.

Suggestion for APP Opening Page
Do not ask: “How do you feel today?” I wasted about 1/2 hour reloading app(1st time user), searching user manual, etc. back & forth…for how to answer how I was feeling.

I grant. it seemed a silly question to be asked, but I was a nervous 1st time user.