Unable to Change Date, Time, Sound, or Duration

I’ve tried resetting the device (hold play for 10 seconds), restarting, everything. Device still shows incorrect date and time, and won’t budge off the present 10s and heartbeat sound.

What now?


Moises, are you typing replies? because nothing is showing up, just my original post quoted.

Hi Melissa,

Sorry for the late reply! For some reason I stopped receiving notifications from the forum.

The Date and Time will set/change after a successful sync, via the App or PC software.

Have you tried that yet?

NOTE: That old recordings (taken on old time will stay on old time), only new recordings will have the correct time.

How about changing the duration? I am also unable to get that off 10 seconds.

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I have synced several times and the date and time have not corrected. what’s next?


I’m having the same issue. Date/Time are still incorrect are several successful syncs.

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I have synched several times with my PC as well as my phone and the date doesn’t set. Has anyone had this problem and found a resolution?

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The date on my iphone and the ekg’s were not the same. I downloaded the windows app. Plugged in the USB. Downloaded some files, etc. When I did another ekg, the day and time were correct. Hope that helps.


It’s October and I’m continuing to have incorrect date and time on my successful recordings. It was correct when I first started using my new device in September. You can imagine what difficulty this is creating. Any fix for this issue ?


New to this to, i have a an additional advice when resetting device. Everything Moises said, just make sure both are synced, on and next to each other. then the settings and what ever you chose at the bottom. Will show at the top, Dont forget to TAP OK. mine finally worked. Forgot that simple step, WORKs