TACHYCARDIA after 2nd covid shot

2 days after my 2nd covid shot I was in and out of emergency room with afib tachycardia 190+ bpm now I can control the afib with water pills and the SonaHealth. but the problem is now I wake up and get dizzy my legs feel like lead, I have headaches and when I check my sonahelth my bpm’s have been as low as 31bpm and I run daily at 45 bpm I’m to tired to hardly move. I’m just tired of Emergency rooms motto ( Treat’em and Street’em)
. and cardiologist wait is 6 months to talk via zoom.

What is your prior heart situation? You have the sonos ekggraph machine so I assume you have a prior issue. You are NOT controlling your afib with water pills if your numbers are all over the place. Get a new cardiologist if they can not see you.

I tried replying to this post twice but it says name is to long. update I have myocarditas from the covid shot, cardiologist wants to do an ablation and deaden my heart… but why treat symptom why not try and treat the myocarditas first…won’t an ablation with my heart already inflamed make it worse?