ST elevation reading

31 yr old female with health anxiety bought this thinking it would help. checked my heart when I was feeling panicky and showed ST elevation and googled it. Now I’m freaking out. does this look accurate?

Have you tried other leads, hand to chest, hand to leg? Certainly take readings when you are not panicky so that you have baseline. I would also recommend doing multiple scans several minutes apart to see if they are the same.

I have been using my SonoHealth device for about 3 years now. I occasionally get an ST Elevation message after doing heavy exercise. I printed out a couple of those graphs and showed them to the Cardiology department where I get my medical care. They said the graphs do not show ST elevation, even though the device labelled them as such. My conclusion is that the SonoHealth device is simply not reliable in this regard, and I now ignore any ST message.

I sent this graph to my doctor and he said it is nothing of concern. I have an appointment to talk with him but getting these on an ekg doesn’t help anxiety! interesting that other people have had this experience.

I have tried hand to chest before but it has been a while. I usually only use the machine when I’m panicky, probably not best. I took the test maybe 10-15 times after and did not have any other st elevation.

I feel it’s better to have an inaccurate reading or false positive than to ignore it and pay the consequences later!!!