Sonohealth V 2.0

I have been using this app for 5 years and this new version is horrible. The prior version was much better. Version 2.0 does not allow you to turn the graph in landscape mode and the printout is only 8 of the 30 seconds. Synchronization is horrible. Use version 1.0 which I would give 4 stars.
SonoHealth, your hardware is fantastic but your current software is past terrible.

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Hi Ebiagi,

We’re sorry about that! The reason we had to release version 2.0 is because our hardware had to change and we had to change lots of internal bluetooth connection code.

Can you help us better understand the issues so that our team can improve the app. We’re always working on improving and your feedback will help tremendously!

  • Are you using an Android or iOS version?
  • Is the bluetooth connection good on Version 2.0?
  • Can you elaborate on the 8 out of 30 seconds Printout?
  • What other features are you missing?

Thank you!

  1. Android ios

  2. I have reverted to Version 1 as V 2.0 is useless. Although I had no Bluetooth issues on v2 with either device. On v2 sync times were unbearable.

  3. When you choose to printout your chart in v1 it shows 30 boxes (each 1 second in duration) each with the recorded data. In v2 when printing you only get the first 8 seconds or 8 boxes.

  4. No ability to show chart in landscape mode which makes viewing a 30 second chart legible. Also v1 data sync is really good .

V2 was so bad I deleted it and thank God I kept v1. Also v2 needs the ability to import v1 past history

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I use Android.
In the meantime I bought another brand because your devices, with the new app and the bad support, were useless.

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Hi Ebiagi,
We are very sorry about this experience with our product,
But we are really thankful for your feedback, cause that we need to improve our services.
We will try to fix those issues as soon as possible.
Please make sure when you turn on your Bluetooth and GPS location manually,

  • Check if your phone software is already up to date.
  • Start syncing.
    I hope that helps.
    Stay safe and healthy!

Hi Wsteinvorth,
If your experience is not good, we are very sorry about that.
I hope that you can give us more details about the problems that you had with our software,
so we can fix them in the future.
Thanks for understanding.
waiting for your response.

Good day, as explained, since my search for prompt service was so complicated and it was responded so slow, I decided to change the devices.

Thanks for your reply,
Again we are very sorry about that,
Hope that you can give us chance in the future, we will be happy about that.
Stay safe and healthy.