Printed Manual (Hard Copy)

How can we get a printed user manual? Seems like this would be provided with the unit instead of just online. Trying to print the online manual is cumbersome and way too large for easy use. In addition I see nothing except simple illustrations on the side of the box telling users how to use leads other than Lead 1. For the price, we deserve much more info and in a hard copy.


Hi @csprick

First of all, thank you for utilizing our forums! Other customers will be able to see questions and answers and help them with similar problems/concerns!

Regarding your post:

When first releasing the EKGraph we thought most of our users will be tech savvy due to the fact that use of smartphone and app is required. (And thought we could same some trees by providing an online user manual).

But we realized our mistake, after the fact. Many users like yourself need a hard copy. We are currently doing a new production batch that will include hard copy user manuals. But in the meantime we will also we optimize our printable version PDF to a smaller font and make it better formatted. It will be available in a few days.

Regarding the different Leads. We’re also working on creating a more in-depth tutorial specifically on the different lead uses.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Hello. Just received my unit and was wondering what the status was on the tutorial for the different lead uses. It has been a month since this last post, so i just wanted to follow up since I just received mine. Thanks!


Any progress on a more in-depth tutorial on the different lead uses. It’s been over 3 months since this post. Thanks.


Any news yet on when and how I can get a hard copy manual? I am having difficulty in so many areas that it would be valuable to be able to maneuver through one rather than scroll through my phone on a small screen.


So how do I get to the new “printable version PDF” you stated above?
Where is the “more in-depth tutorial specifically on the different lead uses.”
You answered this last March, it is now almost November. Seems like you provide answers but no results!

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