Lead definitions on device

Are the two contact points on the left side of the device configured as reference signals? In other words are they AvL & AvR ? So if I put my left index finger on the bottom left contact and my right index finger on the top left contact and put the large singular right contact near the V1 point on my sternum, will I get a V1 3 lead ECG trace?


Hi @mcorriel, that is actually just one sensor. This is a 1 channel EKG device. The different leads are simply simulations, and certain positions can give a stonger EKG signal for some customers.

just received mine. Your ad for the device touted three leads …1,2,5. what are the device positions for these? I am a retired cardiac RN. Donna


Hi Donna! The device simulates the mentioned leads and actually provides different EKG recordings.

If you take sample recordings with hand to hand, chest, or leg, you will see different QRS complexes.

The only technical aspect that’s missing is the simultaneous recording of different leads.

In the end you’re still measuring a different electrical signal of the heart which is what different leads are doing.


Thank you for a quick reply

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