First Impression of the Device

I’ve just checked out the windows software and can’t find a way to download my reading PDFs to my computer. The only way I can find to get one of the reading PDFs onto my computer is to mail a reading from my phone to myself. I would really like to be able to just download the PDFs to a folder on my computer. My healthcare plan is and HMO and they have their own website with a secure email facility. There’s no way for me to directly email my DR’s office, I have to login to their website and select the email section then I have to browse to a folder on my computer to attach a readout. I also discovered that if I download one of the device’s PDFs to my phone that when go into the HMO’s app that all the PDFs on my phone are greyed out and unusable so my only recourse is mailing them to myself from my phone. Please design a way for use to download the PDFs directly to our computers.

Other than that, I like the device and will keep using it.

Steve Kenney

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