Deleting ekg from ekgraph


Has anyone had success in deleting ekgs from the ekgraph device? Tech support was not able to assist. Hoping someone here had the same issue and were able to find a solution.

I use the app on the windows platform and the app on Android.
To delete on Windows on the download screen, make sure you have the ALL radio button check near the top left of the screen. You can then use the delete all button or you can select which ones to delete and use the delete selected. This function just deletes the scans on the device, not any you have saved.
On the android app you need to go to the menu (top left) and choose settings. On the settings menu, there is a clear button that can be used to clear the readings on the device.

Thank you for your reply. It turns out that out of nowhere, the Ekgs finally deleted yesterday. Go figure. May this be attributed to the bugs this app has??

“No clear button in the settings ,!”

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Hi Pudgy,
Thanks for your comment,
If you need to see all the options on the settings page then you need to connect your device first with the Sonohealth app,
So you need to go to the settings page click on sync and after finishing the sync and clicking on the continue button, go back to the settings page and you will see all the options there.
Hope that helps.
Stay safe and healthy!