Bugs in app (IOS)

Upon use of it for 2 times, I have found the following bugs on the app (IOS):

(1) Date on the top records (of the ECG recordings) are late by 1 day. e.g. For today’s records of Apr 7, it shows Apr 6

Somewhere I read that each time the device syncs to your phone it updates the system clock. They said a way you can force the sync is to go into settings, and change the time selection from 30 to 10 seconds and hit save and then change it back to 30 because that’s where they like it to stay and hit save again. That makes your phone and the device sync and then it should have the correct date and time.

I have been feeling pretty well and hadn’t used it since before daylight savings time changed last fall, and last night the first two recordings were an hour ahead which seemed pretty funny at the time. After I changed the recording length of time and saved it, from then on it was correct.