Best way to take a reading?

just got my EKgraph unit, working good except there’s NO INSTRUCTIONS lol…
had to try and figure it out myself, since I’m a computer engineer it wasn’t that difficult…

BUT there appears to be conflicting ways to get readings. Two Fingers on top method, Palm and Wrist method, Fingers on top with palms on side method, Leads (which I don’t have) - so how do I install leads? what is the best way to get a reading? Wrist? Fingers? 1 finger and wrist? Should I just smash the unit up to my chest? There should be a better video on how to use this thing! thanks best, Mike


totally agree

HArd to believe no response to this basic info yet.


Hope you got it answered, just joined myself but I find best readings are holding it with right palm to left chest.


Hello I just received my unit a couple of days ago, So my suggestion is based on my discoveries. The manual will give you 3 methods, hand-to-hand, hand to chest and hand to ankle. I found that hand to chest or slightly below the heart seem to give me the best and most consistent readings. Keep in mind that you have to maintain full circle of contact for the electrical cycle to register to the machine. Also maintain firm pressure otherwise the machine will not be able to read the electrical impulses. Hope this information helps