"the app ain't worth crap"

“your app sucks your app really sucks gas\n”

FWIW, the app works just fine on my Android phone and tablet. No complaints!

agreed, the app won’t sync to the device regardless of phone type

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PC App download was WAY to complicated (should rescind your Amazon bash of Chinese App)
PC App displays tiny window, Web page: HUGE page.
PC App syc’d easy, just won’t Download Graphs (only AFTER you take a new one, it AUTO shows in list, after USB connect). But, if 'Download Data clicked - GONE (found in Manage page)
iOS App does not show anything in Settings (Home -> Settings = blank screen with Settings at top)
#1 recommendation: let the iOS App display horizontal so you can see the ENTIRE scan and NOT have to slide back & forth to compare!

"The old app was more friendly\nWith the new one, it’s not possible to view anything regarding to the synchronization, and/or regarding to the data one had. "