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Wondering if there is a way to synchronize the “sync’d” files to multiple iOS devices? Even by copying files over manually from one device to the other would be ok - just not sure where/how they are stored. Sometimes I only have my phone with me but I would prefer to view all the data on the iPad (My eyesight is failing as fast as my heart :smile:)

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Hi @maxllama!

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We actually have plans on updating the way your data is stored. In the future we want to encrypt and store your data in the cloud and sync it across all your devices and accounts. That way you can have your EKGs on your phone, iPad, and computer when you login.

For now you can simply sync the EKGraph with your iPad and store your EKGs there.

Another way to transfer EKGs is to

  1. Click the “Print” icon.
  2. Zoom in on the EKG Report
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Export by Email, Airdrop, Message, etc
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Please, please, do not go with the cloud idea unless it is Optional and an internet
connection is not required to take a reading, send it to my phone via bluetooth, save it and see it on my phone.

In other words, I love the device as is; specially not needing internet to use it.

I know some love ‘the cloud’, and it has its place, but dont implement that option if it takes away from what we have today.

I see the cloud as a weak point, ridden with security risks, even if data is encrypted, and as a requirement for an internet connection. The resources and cost for this can better be put towards many other improvements instead. For the cloud feature, you will likely have to charge a recurring fee or higher device price.

Thank You Sonohealth for the Great EKGraph and its app. I love being able to transfer readings to my phone via BT or pc via USB. And yes, I will say it again, I love being able to take readings, transfer, save, and view on my phone without an internet connection.

Carlos, aka moyaboo

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