Request to enter resting HR in profile to avoid Bradycardia warning

I am a runner. My resting HR is 48 and, other than when exercising, seldom exceeds 56 bpm. As a result, all of my EKGraph readings are titled Bradycardia. There should be a way to override the Bradycardia warning for those whose HR is low due to fitness.


Agreed! I have the same issue. Over a year and no efforts to fix this???

Same here. My cardiolgist understands I exercise frequently and is not cocerned.

Hey guys, we’re working on fixing this! In the new app update you will be able to set a “normal” range for yourself.

We’re a small business, there’s not enough hands here, but we promise we’ll get this done!

But in the meantime you don’t have to worry, if the EKGraph detects other abnormalities it will show them as well. For example if you’re experiencing Bradycardia, but also an Arrhythmia, the EKGraph will show Arrhythmia, Bradycardia

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It’s October 2019, has there been any update to the bradycardia issue? My normal resting rate is also less

Hi Rich,

We’re re-developing the app from scratch, and will be available in about a month!

In the meantime please don’t worry, the EKGraph will show multiple diagnosis, so if you have bradycardia & an arrhythmia it will show both.

any update on that app so fix the hear rate?

Hi, I a runner too, please lrt us know when the new app with fixed Bradycardia warning will be available!

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“May 2022, My resting HR is in the 40’s. It would be great to be able to set a resting rate that would over ride the BC threshold.”

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