Removal of Charge Cord

Did anyone have trouble removing the cord from the device? I can’t remove it.


Yes, just received mine plugged it in to charge now I am unable to remove it.

I cannot remove the cord either. I need this monitor, I have reached out to this company by email many, many times with one response that they would send me a new device, I have not received anything, nor have I received a response from 4 emails. Why don’t they have a phone number and an active customer service???

The cord is real hard to remove and I can see trouble down the road wit charging if removing the cord is that tough. I did eventually get it taken out.

It is very hard to remove, doesn’t seem to fully engage when inserted. Had to pull so hard to remove it I was afraid I would damage it. Now it doesn’t turn on at all.

I have a very hard time removing my cord, too. afraid I’m going to break it

It is a bit tight when I plug in and unplug mine. But, i have been able to unplug it. It seems to have gotten easier after the first couple of times.

Just give it a manly seesaw steady pull and it will release. FYI it does get easier each future cycle.

I don’t have any problems removing my cable but I don’t use the one that came with it. Maybe try another cable?