PM 10 on PC/Windows problem

I have the PM 10 installed. I have no problems Bluetooth to my IPhone
I cannot get the PM10 to recognize my device.
If device in on or off, I connect cable, screen shows charged battery. O or off when starting hook-up, I click the “New Device” button. It flashed for a micro-second, then nothing. Click again. Nothing…
Cable fits for charging fine.
Eh? What to do?

Hi Booby,
I will try to do my best to help you with that, so don’t worry at all :slight_smile:

First, you need to check if you use the Original USB cable And if it connects to the EKG device without any gap.

Second, reinstall the Program just in case everything on your Pc works fine.

Third, reset your EKG device by clicking on the main button for 10 sec(You should see the version of your Ekg device on its screen).

Forth When you try to connect the EKG device try to turn it on (I know you mentioned it before but I just want to confirm to you that you did well :+1:)

Let me know if it works,
Hope that helps, and wait for your response.