Please enable tagging two different people

Currently I am putting our name in the Notes but I can’t filter by that so when talking to the doctors I have to go to a great deal of work to find which is mine and which is my husbands. Using for multiple people is such a basic function of all other health apps. I want to choose the name upfront, have the names appear on the results list, and be able to filter by names. Because you don’t have this functionality, I can not recommend this product to others.


just joined the Sonohealth community today when I learned of it via this feature will be appreciated via a new patch update.

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@kawigirl thank you for the suggestion!

Will definitely add to our feature request list.

However there currently is an easy way for 2 users to use a single EKGraph device.

All you have to do is have each user install the SonoHealth app on their own phone/device and register their own account.

After that you can use the same device and keep the records separate. Each having your own records on your own device and account.

Hope this helps!


I am the caregiver to my husband with Alzheimer’s. Using two phones does not work for caregiver spouses.

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