Longer recording times

30 seconds is way too short. on my Kardia app, I can record as long as I want. At least 2 minutes should be allowed. 5min max preferable.

My cardiologist wont be able to look at just 30 seconds.

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I agree. Longer recordings would be helpful and actually more user friendly. I sometimes have to do 2-3 recordings back to back. However, most of my episodes last under 30 seconds and my doc is totally fine with 30 sec Ekgs

Thank you for the suggestion @kdupreez and @Angina_Dave!

I will forward this to our tech team. This is a feature that would take sometime to implement, and we would have to consult with cardiologists.

At the moment most doctors are impressed by the EKGraph and 30 seconds is enough to capture anomalies in the heart rhythm. The EKGraph is a detection device to help a patient and doctor detect a problem and then use medical grade equipment to fully diagnose.

But I do think that eventually we will add a 2-5 minute recording option. Again, thank you for the suggestion!

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Agree on longer recording times option in conjunction with larger scale output

Thank you