Is anyone awake at Sonohealth?

I just looked at the Forum again and see many promises but still no updates or current status to postings that are months old .

I received an email for Anita, a Sonohealth “Happiness Engineer” and tried to respond only to get the following bounce stating her mailfolder is full!
Bounce and emails follow:
Your mail message to the following address(es) could not be delivered.
This is a permanent error. Please verify the address(es) and try again.
The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user’s mailfolder is full.

Anbits’s reply to my rating of the Sonohealth EKGraph device:
My name is Anita Stoyan, I’m a Happiness Engineer here at SonoHealth
I received a notification that your experience with the EKGraph is not satisfactory. I wanted to personally reach out and ask how we could make the EKGraph and SonoHealth a better product and company.
Our goal here at is to make the best possible products. And the ONLY way to make amazing products is by listening to YOU, our customer.
Please tell us! How can we improve? What do we need to change & make better?
Simply reply to this email, it will be sent directly to my inbox, and I will do everything in my power to make this a better experience for you!
Kindest Regards,
Anita Stoyan
Happiness Engineer

My Reply to Anita:
Thanks for responding. The first thing Sonohealth can do is to answer the questions posted on your forum and providing status/follow-ups to the things you said you are “working on”. Months go by with no response or status from your company to questions from your customers. If this device has other features, document them or don’t hint that they might be available.
Specifically, I’m interested in (1) a printable or hard copy of an in-depth user manual (2) information on using the “leads” or other methods of using the device (3) ability to have multiple profiles/users on the device and (4) updating the firmware to the latest version – which is ???. Read the postings on the forum and have someone answer them. People are frustrated, as you can see on the forum.
Make us happy!


I’m on a fixed income, I cannot afford to give you money for a product that is not able to work, where are you?? Why don’t you answer emails or why don’t you have a phone number???

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Chriss get someone to set down and go thru the manual to help you. When I just received mine at 2;30pm that afternoon, while it was a little confusing at first, I stuck with it. By 4pm I had everything working just like it should. A computer company can’t teach you how to operate a computer. Sonohealth has a system that works. it does for me. Get a computer wiz (maybe a grandson or the kid next door) to bring you up to speed.