How to share send recordings

how to send your recordings to your doctor or anybody

The system is not built for sending a tracing, so what I have done is multiple steps:

  • find specific tracing under “manage”
  • print the tracing
  • scan the printed tracing and save it into a file created on my computer
  • Send an email to my physician with the tracing as an attached, if I have his/her email address OR
  • Fax the scanned or printed tracing to the MD, if I have his fax number.
    Good luck. If there is an easier way, I would love to know it.

How to send your recordings to your doctor?

Download the SonoHealth smart App from the App Store.
Follow the instruction to pair it
Sync the recordings. Then Select the three dots on top right … select select the records that you wish to send. Then select the box with the up arrow. Then select with or without password. This will give you several options. Best is to save it to your drive as PDF. Then log in to your doctor portal and attach the PDF to your doctor…