EKG Inverted unless I hold it inverted

If I hold it in my hands like the picture, my P Wave goes down. So of course when I hold the device upside down I see what I expect to see.

Anyone else have this issue and know why?

Here’s what I expect to see.


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Same here. It’d be great if someone could say something about this…

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You can invert the image by selecting the three dots in the upper right corner and choosing invert. Unfortunately this only works on the waveform you are viewing and reverts when you exit.

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“pleasecan youlike this”

“I also have the problem of the scan inverted (I guess). The scan from my breast doesn’t appear anything like the scan from the other leads. Breast appears as normal scan and the others are all over the place. I inquired and received an email back that Sono is aware of the problem so they applied a reverse button. However, even when reversed, it appears wrong and won’t print reversed. I guess that if you want a decent scan you have to revert to the hand to breast. In essence, you only have one functional lead (I presume). If this can’t be fixed, I suggest sending the unit back. Maybe if enough of them are sent, something will be fixed. Hopefully, I can find a unit out there that actually works like advertised.”

PC App inverts the graphs (your same issue) so we would need to hold the device upside down (left to the right rotation)
Print Preview is low-res/bit step, same with default 6x6 print