App doesn’t sync

App has stopped syncing with ekgraph. When I attempt a sync, a message displays “turn on Bluetooth on this device”. Bluetooth is on.


Try restart Bluetooth on your phone

Restarted Bluetooth. Didn’t work. Then did a soft reset. No change. Thank you for the suggestion

We working on this problem

Dan, the problem still persists. What should be the next step in resolving?

any update on this issue, my device still doesn’t update?

device will not sync! ffs

My device will not sync. Reset bluetooth and nothing. First attempt at setup.

work harder we like the product

had to turn off my blue tooth earbuds,
seems ok now
hope this helps someone

I cannot sync my phone, turned off Bluetooth and back on as suggested. Don’t make return this and get the other brand.

Try deleting the app and then reinstall. Before using app turn your phone off then back on. Try syncing with device, this has worked for me.

We are going to the update and for some reason it won’t let me know if you need anything else

One year later and Device still doesn’t sync with iPhone app. Is there anybody in the company who will fix this problem. Very disappointed with level of service. There is no service.

Now, year-and-a-half later, my samsung s9+ won’t sync, though it pairs. Or seems to. Earbuds? Turn on, it connects. This device won’t connect, and tapping on the various bluetooth devices in my (android) phone settings all start ‘connecting…’ (with status update on phone screen) - EXCEPT for this device. tapping on it does nothing. device itself shows zero status or any change at all.

just bought, just arrived saturday - yesterday - november 20, 2021.

i ‘created a ticket’ but no ticket number, no support dashboard, nothing. We’ll see if they respond on monday.

I think I’m going to be returning this one and getting a product from a competitor. I will update this thread/post if/when some closure happens :frowning:

I’m having same issue with all. Support open ticket fill out all info hit submit and nothing. I found a “work around” uninstall the app, unpair bluetooth,restart phone,pair bluetooth,reinstall app, syncs once then rinse and repeat. Support is horrible. I have a Samsung S21 5G+ Ultra. Oh btw the 2.0 app crashes and will not work.

I keep getting a lengthy

error when I try to sync the app with the device. What do I need to do?