App crashing when trying to read recordings

I was trying to show the doctor some of the recent readings and when trying to view a reading the app just closes and you re-open, then try again and same thing. Some recordings work and others don’t. Any ideas how to fix?

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mine is crashing when i try to open the community part of the app. makes me want to switch to someone else just so i can get reliable service. i dont see anyone responding from the manufacturer like they don’t care that their product doesn’t work as intended. people can see abnormalities but the product says no abnormalities detected. being a beta tester isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Hi @ritterx & @Vette4me35!

Please accept my sincerely apology for the inconvenience caused the by app.

We are currently rebuilding the app from scratch and are about release a public beta for testing.

Here’s an Announcement that I just made.

The issues that you’re experiencing now will be gone in the new app, and in addition there will be a ton of new features!

If you have any specific issues and help please reach out to use here: and a member of our team will assist you personally!